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Bringing "happiness" and "living" created by "OMOSHIROI" to the world.

Bringing "happiness" and "living" created by "OMOSHIROI" to the world.



We interviewed the developers about their thoughts and stories of the product.

For example, when making a model mountain, we use this cutting-edge laser technology with a pile of our high-quality papers.

Ordinally, we started this company to produce mainly architectural models. Then our challenge began with wondering whether we could deliver it to more people to convey its great points by utilizing the technology of making models.
For example, when making a model mountain, we use this cutting-edge laser technology with a pile of our high-quality papers.Based on this technology, we discussed what kind of goods we could make within our company. When we thought about something to be used by everyone, we came up with the form of memo pads.

These ideas and stories are inserted into the memo pads to display the attraction of the final three-dimensional items.

Is there any difficulty in commercializing "OMOSHIROI BLOCK"?

 The designer was worried about the "presentation" when making the three-dimensional item to maximize its attractiveness.There are limitations to the memo block. If the papers are not properly connected at the back, they may come off.However, we thought that we could use the limitations as a way to show the attractiveness of the three-dimensional item. We are still working on what motif looks most attractive.

What kind of special strength of the item should be made? We have various techniques; therefore, we try to scatter the leaves, or express the fine details of a stone wall properly. We care about those details.

In addition, we repeated to make several prototypes during development.If we made a product that was too complicated to process, the price would exceed 100,000 yen.That is not something that most customers would buy, so we tried to make a product with an affordable price that customers could buy while preserving the quality of the product. We have ended up with the current product by trial and error.

However, the members involved in the product are constantly studying, and every time are faced with new challenges, always have the idea of ​​"Can we try something new?”About the story for example, the design comes out of the ground little by little like an excavation site. When you remove each piece, it is very interesting and it gradually appears as if it is being dug up, so the fun of cutting out each piece one at a time is a definite addition to the product.It is also a key point to show off our skills and techniques.

It includes ingenuity and commitment that is similar to traditional crafts.The happiest reaction that we receive is to have people express the feeling of "Wow!" at the moment they see the final product.

Is there anything you would especially like people to see in terms of technical commitment and design?

It is also an important point for the possibility to express this uniqueness in the product using paper and laser. It is very interesting that it we can express a leaf or a building with only the difference of color of the paper.

If you wanted to make it easier to do, there are some parts that could be partially painted. However, 
we do not do that, we use only black and white paper and pile the paper alternately to express the appearance of the theme three-dimensionally. We think that the inquisitiveness and commitment of design and artisanship are very similar to traditional crafts.

One aspect that we were particular about, that we came up with by devising within the constraints, are also very interesting or appealing.In the case of Kaminarimon, Kanji characters are expressed in white and red. We thought that expression was very interesting.We hope that customers understand the creator's feeling that "I came up with something really interesting!" The happiest reaction that we receive is to have people express the feeling of "Wow!" at the moment they see the final product.This is difficult to convey even if explained. It is the most gratifying reaction for us to somehow make people feel "Wow!".

It is also important to realize the strong support from paper companies. We think that it is not the achievement of ourselves, but it is the achievement of the whole "manufacturing of Japan" including the companies that participated to create this wonderful product.

As a commitment, we still feel the fun of paper materials through making memo pads. We often contact and work with paper manufactures.The paper tears off easily, however as the highest quality of Japanese paper is used, the final diorama keeps its shape. Of course, we would like customers to use it as a memo pad, so it is important that the paper is "high quality" and not easily ruined.Rather than being disposable, we would like people to feel that they want to keep the memo pad’s paper.

We appreciate the support from our paper manufacturers. We think that our manufacturing as a whole includes, "The manufacturing in Japanese industry”.

What kind of enjoyment would you like to design from now on?

We think that "OMOSHIROI BLOCK" still has a lot of ideas that we have not discovered yet, so we would like to continue to challenge planning new products and surprise the world.We hope that customers around the world will enjoy a better life through the idea of “OMOSHIROI".We would like to build a new business with the word "OMOSHIROI " as the keyword or propose a new product. Please look forward to our future items.





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