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Do you know of the Japanese traditional culture “bonsai”?

Do you know of the Japanese traditional culture “bonsai”?

It is similar to the view of the world of an elaborate miniature “OMOSHIROI BLOCK”.“Bonsai” is one of the gardening cultures that has been around since ancient times in Japan.“Bonsai” is the art of creating a miniature world reminiscent of big or old trees in nature in a small pot.One trick of enjoying bonsai is to imagine yourself standing in a pot as a miniature person. You can experience the magnificent feeling of nature in the small pot world.

It creates an infinite space by devising how to maximize use of the compact space. In addition, you can experience another world in bonsai by changing your perspective. Bonsai have a taste of “zen” which teaches you refreshment of the heart, with its particular way to enjoyment.

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