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Travel in Japan on your desktop

Travel in Japan on your desktop


A surprising memo pad created by fusing Japanese beauty and technology.



Over time, a miniature Japanese scene
slowly shows up on your desk.

Recommended points from Hirakuza

  • You can experience and enjoy a feeling to travel to Japan even while you are sitting at your own desk at home.
  • This sophisticated technology precisely condenses Japanese beauty into a small memo pad.
  • A miniaturized version of the vast fantasy world.

A seemingly ordinary memo pad transforms into an exquisite paper craft.Amusement and beauty are condensed into this tiny item.

What starts out as just a square memo pad, reveals an exquisite Japanese architecture or a specialty theme by removing the pages one at a time.
This is “OMOSHIROI BLOCK” created/produced by Triad Inc.It became extremely popular in Japan and overseas after its release and it has won many famous awards for product and design.

“OMOSHIROI” usually means funny or interesting when directly translated. However, “OMOSHIROI” created by this company includes a lot of meanings such as wonderment and deep emotion like “amazing”, “incredible”, “awesome” or “cool”. It is truly one of their masterpieces.How would you like to enjoy an imaginary trip to Japan by looking at elaborately reproduced Japanese architecture on your desk when you get tired of work or just need a quick get away?

The idea became a reality with the help of advanced technology and a strong commitment to making it come true.Its looks and use are both of the highest quality.

The papers are cut by a laser and piled based on the precise drawing and reproduced details of the beauty of Japanese architecture and designs.

Triad Inc care about the impression of the memo pads as a tool that you use every day. They collaborated with a Japanese paper company and succeeded to develop the highest quality papers. It is also constructed individually by hand.

The paper tears off easily, however as the highest quality of Japanese paper made by a Japanese paper company is used, the final diorama keeps its shape. Also please enjoy the experience of feeling the strong texture of paper and the sharp clicking sound when you tear off each sheet.

This is THE original and only product made by these techniques of traditional art works, free-flowing thoughts, with the designer and the craftworker’s commitment to it.

What a wonderful idea! The design is made a reality by using up the memo sheets.One tip to maximize enjoyment is to slowly use one sheet at a time.

When making a model of something, it is normal to add each part piece by piece, however the exact opposite is true for “OMOSHIROI BLOCK”. As you use each the memo sheet, a new creation unfolds before your eyes. It`s truly an unbelievable experience.

However, it is a waste just to see the final form, therefore patience is a virtue.“OMOSHIROI BLOCK” is very particular about that. The colors and designs have a wide variety so that you can maximize enjoyment when using each sheet.

We would like you to use each sheet one by one without rushing and enjoy the change of appearance of “OMOSHIROI BLOCK” over time. It is better to spend plenty of time on using it as you will have more fun and excitement when it is completed. You would experience the feeling when creating a model.









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