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"SUMO+KAGURA" A new traditional Japanese performing arts entertainment will be held at Billboard Live Osaka!

"Nanki Shirahama Yudokoro Murobe Kanro-no-Yu" Hot Springs Bath Salts (30g X 20 packs)

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You can enjoy a full-fledged hot spring feeling at home with this original premium hot springs bath salts developed by Hotel "Yudokoro Murobe" and "A Professional Onsen Tour Guide” in Shirahama, Wakayama Prefecture.

 * Since it is a bath salt that reproduces the actual hot springs, the ingredients are different from the actual hot springs.

The packs include mild salts that add to the reproduction the same colorless, transparent smooth skin-beautifying hot springs feeling as the actual hot springs.


Yudokoro Murobe's Kanro-no-Yu is a hot spring which is famous for its specialized skin-beautifying characteristics (sodium-bicarbonate / chloride spring, PH7.8) As this product is made accurately to provide the same feeling of soaking in Kanro-no-Yu, you can get a silky-smooth feeling even in your home bath.

  • Faint Sulfur Scent

Kanro-no-Yu contains a small amount of sulfur so that you only smell a very faint scent of sulfur. It is reproduced in the same way as the original hot spring water so you can enjoy a faint scent of sulfur without it being overbearing when you soak in your home bath.

  • Colorless and Transparent (like the original hot springs)

Yudokoro Murobe Kanro-no-Yu is naturally colorless and transparent, therefore these bath salts are manufactured colorless and transparent without using any artificial coloring like the original hot springs. People familiar with Kanro-no-Yu will not be disappointed. 


  • Mild Salt

As with the case of soaking in Kanro-no-Yu, we have devised a way to feel the mild salt content, and the salt coating on the skin after bathing will make your body feel warm. Most of the Shirahama hot springs have a strong salt content and are wild but Kanro-no-Yu is a hot spring with a mild salt content, so this product accurately reproduces that feeling.


sodium carbonate, sodium hydrogen carbonate, sodium chloride, sodium sulfate, sodium metasilicate, potassium chloride