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El Shaddai game T-Shirt

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Released on April 28, 2011, the HD remastered version for Windows will be released on Steam in 2021, and the 3D action game "El Shaddai (Ascension of the Metatron)" has a strong popularity with game fans around the world. The famous phrase of the protagonist Enoch "NO PROBLEM, EVERYSHING'S FINE!", made it onto a T-shirt. If you wear it on a trip to Japan, it's sure to attract the attention of Japanese gaming fans.


Material: 100% Cotton 素材:綿100% 

S (Length 66 cm, Width 49 cm, Sleeve length 19 cm)

M (Length 70 cm, Width 52 cm, Sleeve length 20 cm)

L (Length 74 cm, Width 55 cm, Sleeve length 22 cm)

XL (Length 78cm, Width 58cm, Sleeve length 24cm)

* Size: 02 --08

* Color: White


color: White