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¥5,800 - ¥5,800
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A memo/note pad that can transform your written memories into a surprise 4D form. (A memo pad that transforms memories into a shape)

Each second piles into your heart which in turn, creates your own wonderful memories.

It etches the memories and time into your heart.


 By using this handcrafted design memo/note pad, you can feel like you are traveling to a unique sightseeing spot or even participating at a concert.

It is an original memo/note pad that you can enjoy special experiences including sightseeing spots, landscapes, culture and charms of Japan and the world, and wonderful memories that bring you back to those unforgettable times.

You can display and enjoy it as an exquisite papercraft art, even after the memo/note pad is all used up.


◉ Size|W105 × D148 × H14 (mm)
◉ Material 
  Main body|Paper
  Clip |Brass
  Case |Acrylic

◉Number of paper|40枚
◉Package |Paper box   
◉Weight |180g